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Sun, Jul. 2nd, 2006, 01:43 am
LIfe as it stands recently

Todays Adventure was spent driving all over creation for a new clutch kit for the '89 cammaro Ive been driving around for the past 10 years.

260,000 miles and my car just wont die. It leaks oil and other fluids, but to its credit no matter what happens its never enough for me to put it down. We started on it around 2:30pm and got the transmission out around 10pm tonight.

Cars were invented to highlight a mans love of foul language and devious thoughts in the persuit of a carefree existence free of axle grease and the pasty mixture of metal bits, gravel and caked motor oil that virtually cover the entire underside of ones car.

Tommorow will bring more work and the steady realization that on some level I actually enjoy this, but not the part where Im covered in muck.

Well Id say more meaningful and enciteful things as well as talk about all the cool stuff happening at my new job, but Its late and Ive still got a lot of stuff to do before monday rolls back around.

Well I hope all is well in blog land, goodnigth.

Mon, Jun. 12th, 2006, 10:40 am
Moving and such

Well I just finished my move from SE to SW PDX. On the up side, Im not going to have to dodge the bums and listen to the idiot savants of SE 11th anymore and the place Im at right now has a lot less traffic.

Theres actually a lot of pluses compared to where I was. I saw the fucking wierdest thing I have ever seen in my 29 years as an oregonian. On the corner of SW 10th two blocks from powells, A bum walked in between two newsstands and took a shit right in between them then got up grabbed a newspaper and wiped himself then tossed it on the ground. Guh!!!

This was on my way out of PDX headed to where all roads lead...yes beaverton. Im off to see the wizard the wizard of OZ..Everything in Beaverton is cleaner and for the most part more like a showcase and less like a show place. I ran into the Beaverton version of a punk and I was like "Poser", his jean jacket was clean and unruffled and he was obviously well fed, there was also the obvious lack of arm tattoos and piercings not to mention where was his cardboard sign and his pitbull.

My neighbors are a couple of country blond girls that drive a Sonoma and from what my apartment manager told me are students at my alma moder Portland Community College. No introductions yet, but I still have a boatload of unpacking to do.

-If you walk your cat on a leash people think you are either:
.Mentally unstable
.Attention whore
.A good dating prospect (I was a subject of an "I saw you" on Craigslist, wohoo)

-Ground floor apartments with windows facing the promenade suck because:
.Your life is now a live action reality show for everyone peering between your blinds.
.People have detailed conversations about your conversations
.At 3am your bedroom window is the Club/Drama recap area where girls and guys discuss the goings on of their night usually until about 4 in the morning

-Certain geographic areas dont make for good apartment living:
.Homeless shelters

-Moving into the gay culture epicenter of SE pdx kind of makes finding a date a great deal more difficult. While certainly more colorful not the best place for a bachelor.

-Most important life lesson:
Always test the water at your new apartment. Water pressure is highly underrated.

Next stop once Im done In beaverton would have to be the Brooklyn Neighborhood near the Radius Art studios.

Fri, Jun. 2nd, 2006, 12:18 am
Dreams and shit

Nothing too out of the ordinary going on in my life at the moment. Im going back to beaverton until I find steady work and a place that I can let my cat run around w/o getting ran over. Im actually working for Fred Meyers Corporate again. This time around instead of working on vendors lists Im cataloging the buyers lists. In typical Fred Meyers fashion they underestimated the ammount of work that needed to be done, so my one week job is turning into two.

I was thinking about a re-occuring dream I kept having until very recently. I don't really have nightmares anymore, not like the rip snorters I use to have. But there is this one dream where Im being persued by people intent on killing me. Its usually me darting in between bushes and houses like one of those stereo-typical 'Cops' foot chases. Only its really dark and the people chasing me are these grubby biker looking guys sort of Mad Max w/o the 80's hair-do's. In my dream I dont really see them, but I just know that they are there looking for me. My dream usually consists of me outwitting them until it seems like Im going to get away and be alright. In my dream it will seem like I won then someone will tap me and go not so fast "brother" and point to a gaping wound in my chest or just shoot me in the head.

The last time I had this dream everything happened the same except when the person bounded out of the bushes I was the one that shot him dead and I said "I won, I beat you!" I woke up and stood up straight in my bed and kept on just saying "I won, I beat you!", half in disbelief and half in triumph. Ive been having that same dream for almost five years now and I havent had it since. Kind of trippy

Sun, May. 21st, 2006, 12:09 am
I'd buy that for a dollar!

Ahh life on morrison. I just saw the weirdest thing. One guy in an SUV looking quiet and guilty. I was walking my cat outside and he was freaking out because of the traffic so I came back and there was a bunch of commotion and swearing then they kicked out women with a very low skirt and lots of sequins, a hooker, and proceeded to walk away fast to the Holoscene.

I guess they needed the good luck blow job before going into the holoscene. Nothing like a little pre-game warm up I guess. Theres usually a couple of used condoms around the area but Ive never actually seen a trick go down.


Sun, May. 21st, 2006, 12:05 am

Nightwatch sucked!!!!

Thats is all...

Wed, May. 17th, 2006, 11:49 pm
Insert witty statement here

Well the first part of this week was spent working on the Jim Hill for governor campaign. Dont get all gushy on me I was actually doing it as part of a temp job, but I feel like he is the man for the job. If he doesnt make it this year he should definately apply for the job next election.

I was one of those annoying people telling you to vote, before 8pm on Tuesday. "And thank you for voting for Jim Hill for Democratic Governor", I felt like such a whore!

Today was a bit a more laid back I got a job with a sign company filling in for their sick Designer so I got to play around with the new version of CS2 Illustrator, ugh! I need to update my Illustrator skills. But I did do a pretty good job of winging it. Im far more capable with photoshop though. It was pretty cool they had a printer that instead of printing would cut out designs in sheets of nylon then you would peel off the excess and viola!!; instant sign. They also had a resin printer that was used for printing out banners and such.

I like temping its just really nerve racking not knowing if Im gonna to make rent or where the next big job is going to be coming from. I feel like Im almost complete enought to get a job out in the real world. I was offered a position as a title employee for Metro Auto wholesaler, which basicly means that Id call corporate and register the title of used cars with the dealerships and run a bunch of paperwork. Not sure if thats really what I want to do. Its problably too late anyway since I turned it down.

Well the dishes are a callin'.

Fri, May. 12th, 2006, 11:31 pm
I left my heart on Morrison

Well I read my lease just a few days before the Mold Inspection by the super and his uppers and it turns out my lease is actually over a month earlier than I had anticipated.

So me with no job and a couple of good paychecks on the way scrambled to find a place that is month to month given my unstable job situation. I did find a really nice place which unlike my present digs has A DISHWASHER!!!!, but sadly its in Beaverton a mere mile and a half from my parents place.

Beaverton isn't bad, it just lacks the intensity and life that Portland has to offer. I went to NW to the open air coffee shop a few buildings down from the Gypse and hung out with my caffinated brethren and enjoyed the view very much so, the coffee not so much. The night life in NW is even better than on my side of this city. If I didnt have my critter to look after I would have definitely moved out that way a long time ago.

I had to run some errands in Beaverton a couple of weeks ago and brought my cat so he could have some fun outside without me having to walk him around on his leash. My mom was like, "Baby sitting my sons Cat..., When are you going to have some children", I was like that is my child.

Sun, May. 7th, 2006, 09:43 am

Gah!, the apartment Gestapo are coming. Problably no small coincidence that since Im moving out next month that they come in with a fine tooth comb and check the place out. I suppose its for the best. A good excuse for some spring cleaning and since Im no longer employed Ill have plenty of time to get it all done. sigh

Last night was an interesting expereience I was at the Baghdad celebrating the completion of my assignment at Fred Meyer Corporate and this guy walks in and starts talking about "The Big Lebowski". Evidently there was some kind of promotion with KUFO for a midnight movie, so I grabbed a ticket and got in line. After about 45 minutes of freezing our butts off they went ahead and let us in. Ive seen the Big Lebowski before , but figured it would be an interesting experience from the audience alone.

There were people showing up dressed as The Dude and various other characters. This guy who looked vaguely like a cousin of mine showed up and decided that since he was dressed up he deserved to go in front of everyone in the line, which now spread from the Baghdad entrance to the Wells Fargo down the street. Needless to say that didnt quite work out for him.

The classic moment that pretty much defined the whole evening was when the guy who tried to get ahead of everyone got in his seat he started shouting out different lines from the movie in a desperate attempt to seems cool. When it became apparent that everyone was listening to the DJ's he decided to steal the show up front. So he bounded out of his seat and made a run for the stage and made a drunken leap upon the stage, but his feet got in the way and he landed face first on the stage. After being escorted back to his seat he kept on yelling lines from the movie at which point a blond valley girl two times smaller than him threatend to take him out back and kick his ass, eventually he was kicked out and the movie started.

It was kind of like going to a Rocky Horror picture show. Everyone had problably seen the movie a dozen times or more. Everyone knew the jokes and the lines but laughed at them as if they had never seen it before. Each character was applauded as if they were rock stars jumping on the stage ready to perform.

Well its 2am so I guess Ill leave it at that.

Mon, Apr. 17th, 2006, 11:10 pm
Easy come easy go

Well my sweet sweet ride at Fredie Krogers (Fred Meyers) is about to come to an end. Alas the vendor lists are almost complete and my skills as a highly paid webmonkey are no longer needed. I take a small ounce of pride out of knowing an eskimoe or well meaning white folk will be getting their years worth of groceries off of the site I helped build. People will be freezing their asses off up north in the Alaskan back country while looking at my handiwork on the "Bush Site", hey hey get yer mind out of the gutter.

I guess I shouldnt whine too much, what was supposed to be a one month gig, turned into a three month orgy of overtime and spreadsheet at least seven reams thick.

The big question is do I go back to temping or try to find a real job? Temping is fun and you get pretty good exposure and dont have to waste your time going into interviews. On the flip side it would be nice not having to worry where my next job is coming from or how much I need to put back in case the market cools down.

Then theres that insideously dirty word, Customer Service. I hate customer service!!! I didn't realize how much I hated it until taking this job. Three months of blistfully free interactions with co-workers and fellow minions. Granted I am a temp so am barely worth recognition by my fellow corporate brethren, but never the less it was fun not having to say "Thank you for calling (souless corp. entity) how may I make you think I care"

Ah well...

Hello Moto

Well I finally got a real phone this weekend. The kind that charges you by the month and not the pay as you go crap. I went with verizon since my parents have them and they give you all the extras as part of your main plan which I think every company should do. I went to the downtown store near pioneer courthouse square and it dawned on me that someone was shot to death a couple years ago at their front door. I guess Im kind of supersticious about that kind of stuff but its just weird being in a place where life ended violently, but thats another post.

I was in the store salivating over the different tools of social interaction. I took a number and was helped by this young indian girl, Helloooo NURSE!, and we went over the different stuff and came to this decked out phone with a 1.3 gigapixel camera on it and an mp3 player built in. We were wheeling and dealing and I talked her down 80 bucks but in the end I knew my bank account wasnt going to make it the full distance which was around 129 plus the activation and all that stuff.

After walking out and coming back in I went for the cheaper phone. So once I got it home and marveled at the improved sound and all the features, Im like, what now.. Kind of the empty feeling when you buy a new computer part but it dawns on you that your no better off before you bought it. The only difference is that your now a couple hundred in the hole with a really neat contraption. I guess thats why I gave up gaming. There are some things technology just cant buy.

Bitchin Cammaro

Well my sisters babysitter has offered to dump her Nissian circa 1980's ish on me for the bargain price of nothing. The only problem is I have no garage to keep it in while I overhaul the engine and everything else on it. I wouldnt mind buying a newer engine and dumping it in there. But yet again that costs money. Miracuolously my parents have agreed to let me store it at their place as long as I spend every breathing moment I have on the weekends working on it. But given the fact that my camarro is an 89 and their Nissian is an 80 I think Im better off with my paperweight than theirs. Still the thought of rebuilding a clunker is kind of appealing to me. My dad is going to check it out tommorow and see if its worth even trying.

Whew I should update more often.

Sun, Mar. 5th, 2006, 12:42 pm
Update for no real apparent reason

Well its been a little while since Ive written anything so I thought I would just jot something down.

Hmmm big things going on in my life. Got a new ringtone for my phone, bought a neat lighter even though I dont smoke and Im still working the graphic arts gig at fred meyers. Oh and I bought a new Iron. Yes I know my life is fabulous.

So The ringtone is an annoying army bugle sounding the morning revelry because my sister was starting to get pissed off at me because I never answer my phone and thats mostly because I cannot hear it most of the time. The new ringtone is almost as loud as it is annoying, so not only is it easy to hear it but ultra handy when I lose the phone for finging it. Im on Virgin mobile which would be a really cool thing if it were not for the fact that the evening minutes begin at 9pm. SO basicly they load you up with evening minutes your never going to use then charge you for everything else. Im easily spending about 60-70 bucks on the phone the only reason I havent gone on a plan is I dont want to be on a contract and not be able to pay.

Now the lighter is kind of a boyscouts thing of always being prepared and such. Now this story relates to a bar outing in Eugene at one of the better punk/rockabilly bars out there. They are no longer in business sadly enough because they had to move to Springfield to makeway for a homeless shelter. Ugh. But anyway I was having fun playing pool with "Mad Dog" a black version of Jerry Garcia and he even read my palm and told me a bunch of stuff about me, some of it was semi true but other parts I was like "Hey wait a minute", anyway a girl who was kind of hippy like walked up to me and was like...Hey do you got a light...(me looking at her blankly) no sorry I dont smoke....(her looking at me impatiently) "Do you have a light" As she looking into my eyes with a deeper more focused emphasis I suddenly realized what she really was asking. It was with that realization that she was like Forget about it.

Why do women have to be so weird about stuff like that I figured out she was hitting on me and I was like hey baby whats up and she was like nope too slow on the draw your hookup window has passed move onto the next window.

THe Job

Well Im still working at Fred Meyers Corporate on their new Alaska Web Site. Its really cool to be making money again, but its only for one more month then its back to the routine of calling the different temp services and doing different stuff. I hate applying to jobs, temping is so much easier, the only problem is there are weeks were nothing is out there and your sitting aroudn wondering if your gonna make enough money for rent that month.

Well Ive ranted enough, time to go do laundry and and the usual sunday stuff.


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